Leader’s Wealth Enhancement Initiative

“This is an age of marvelous material development and astounding enterprise. Opportunity is everywhere about us. Everyone is looking for ideas. ” Sidney N Bremer

The above is a true summary of our age. There is no argument, opportunity abounds about us, and our world is constantly experiencing marvelous material development.

Yet a great segment of our global population is burdened and challenged.  There is global challenge of poverty and hunger, while food get wasted in many ways. There is gender inequality and female gender Challenges. There health challenges. There is Climate change Challenges and poor attention. There is COVID19 pandemic challenge. There is Entrepreneurship and Leadership development challenges. A handful of entrepreneurs have successfully created wealth. They enjoy affluence and keep earning $Millions by applying  necessary skills and principles. Just about 5percent of global population possess 95 percent of global wealth.


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Yet, a greater segment of human population struggles to make ends meet. In a world endowed with abundant resources and opportunities very many wallow in poverty and hunger. How can you promote satisfactory life style in a world plagued with hunger, poverty, drug and substance abuse, COVID19 pandemic, Climate Change challenge, health challenges and others? How can you develop self and other people to take advantage of the opportunities that abound In our world? You can join a Global System to work with other entrepreneurs. You can join  Read and Earn $Millions Program.

A Program of video presentations, free books and Business tools for Success

Many people remain unfulfilled and discontented because of want of knowledge. Robert Kiyosaki stated, “The main reason people struggle financially is because they they have spent years in school but learned nothing about money. The result is that people learn to work for money….but never learn to have money work for them. “

The Guardian photo of work experiences

Knowledge: People lack knowledge on various wealth and life sectors. Many do not understand Success, or how to pursue Success. Many do not understand wealth, or how they may create wealth. Many do not understand how they may sustain wellness and good health. Some develop unhealthy life habits to their detriment. There is a global leadership challenge. There is a challenge to promote knowledge on many sectors of life. There is a global challenge to mobilize and empower entrepreneurs to scale their worth and turn out successful achievers. Entrepreneurs could be inspired to develop what they love to do and impact positively on people. Entrepreneurs could be inspired to read, develop ideas and skills to create wealth and earn $Millions. You too can join Read and Earn $Millions Program and take advantage of this global initiative to scale your significance and wealth.

Robert Kiyosaki and book Rich Dad Poor Dad

You can join Read and Earn $Millions Program to improve knowledge and develop self and others. You can join to get knowledge of the principles, techniques, skills, and tools successful achievers use to achieve their goals and generate passive income. You can learn how to have money work for you and create your wealth.

A Program of video presentations, free books, and Business tools for Success

Read and Earn $Millions Program supports you to achieve above states and more. Read and Earn $Millions Program is committed to inspire entrepreneurs, provide free books for motivation and ideas, reveal principles and techniques that achievers apply to achieve Success, provide Business tools for members to use and achieve Success. You may work from home, do what you love to do, enjoy time freedom, develop your skills and passion, and generate stream of income. Do not procrastinate. Do not miss a once in a million opportunity. Join now.

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