Entrepreneurship Trends and Events 2021/001-12

Entrepreneurship Trends and Events is a window on the world and activities of entrepreneurs and businesses globally. I try to capture what is happening around the world as entrepreneurs and leaders strive to impact on the lives of people. I share relevant posts from various sources to give readers a bird’s eye view of the world of entrepreneurs. Click on the links to visit the sites. I also share posts on my newsletter for the benefit of people not in my mail list. You can send your email address and name to philip@truesuccessandwealth.com to receive a free book and start receiving my newsletters direct to your email box. Kindly note that I am also an affiliate marketer. I share links of Enterprises I represent. If you click on any of the links and make purchase I will paid affiliate commission on that transaction at no additional charge to you. I wish you Success. Happy reading and participation on this site.

You can Power Your Fingers to charge phones and …


This is how the UN will spend Elon Musk’s money


Your Opportunity to Express Your True Worth


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Abuja, Federal Capital Territory 23409

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