Opportunity to Express Your Unique Worth


World Economic Forum: The Gap between the Rich and the Poor

What is Your Part? To be a Solution, or to be a…..

The big picture and general life purpose of everyone is to know God, love God, serve God, always be with God, and love and serve neighbors. However, you have a unique life purpose that fits into this big picture.

Everybody has a unique life purpose. In creation and our world, there are always opportunities and challenges for development of life, people, places, and civilisation. You discover that there are Challenges in food and agriculture, education, governance, health knowledge, religion, politics, science, resources distribution, environmental management, relationships, wealth management and distribution, Climate concerns, and many other sectors. You have your unique talent. You have personal experiences. You have interests,passion and imagination to to guide and inspire you to develop some vision and pursue unique goals of llife.You discover that your life goals are programmed to give value people. You are fulfilled and contented when you provide something that gives value to people. When you actualize your life goals they provide value to people, and solutions to one or more challenges that people have. You are rewarded with recognition and many a time financial wealth. You need to understand that God knows you personally and and loves you. God is in the business of working everything to work out for your good. He has given you all you need to identify what you love to do, develop a vision, and pursue set goals. He is working with you and continually gives you ideas, and people to work with you to make your dreams realities.

It is your part to love people, desire and dream to achieve set goals. It your part to identify your unique life purpose, and pursue it with passion. It is your part to overcome challenges and actualize your calling. It is your part to keep positive mindset, and apply emotion faith and love. It is your part to apply positive thinking and scale your status to success. It is your part to develop your potentials for wealth, greatness, and creating your legacy. You are energy. You are created in the image of God. You can use mind and imagination. God, who is the source of all knowledge and wisdom, programmed you and commissioned you to take this life adventure and deliver some goals.

Steve Jobs on What Separates Dreamers from Doers.


WHO World Malaria Report


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