How to turn Challenges to Opportunities in 2022 to Scale Your Wealth for Life

Year 2021 is running to a close. You could sum this year up as an eventful and challenging year to leaders and entrepreneurs globally.

Every year comes with its challenges and opportunities.

Year 2019 was remarkable because of COVID 19 pandemic experience. 

COVID 19 pandemic of 2019 introduced health, economic and political challenges that disrupted the way people do things globally. People experienced changes in governance, policy making, lifestyle habits and the way businesses are done.

Governments were challenged to adopt policies to protect the health and life of citizens and check the spread   of a virus that keeps changing its features and character.   

Businesses were paralyzed and entrepreneurship suffered a global shock and set back. Entrepreneurs lost their capital, financial support and market potential.

The experiences of year 2021 and their impact on businesses and entrepreneurship reflected part of the new normal.

The after effect of the   COVID 19 pandemic made it hard for entrepreneurs to pick up their trade. Many enterprises suffered setbacks and people became skeptical about venturing into businesses.

A significant segment of workers discovered that paid employment could be vulnerable. Many people changed their jobs or resigned from paid employment in years 2021.

The super-rich which represent just 5 percent of global population got richer. Year 2021 was characterized by challenges that impacted negatively on entrepreneurs and global economy. The year witnessed some events that affected   lives and businesses. Even as I am writing this newsletter, a typhoon is carving a path through the Philippines putting 16million people at risk of devastating flood.  Storm, flood, hurricane and

earthquake occurred in many places with devasting effect on people, economy and businesses.

There is a   marked increase in number of homeless persons in all countries, and governments are not doing enough to support people.  It is not that governments do not care.  The situation is that the new normal style of life that developed from COVID 19 pandemic constraints  is claiming the attention of governments .

Then, there is the challenges and politics of COVID 19 vaccine production and distribution. The disparity in distribution of COVID  19 vaccines claimed the attention of governments and policy makers from paying due attention to governance and entrepreneural challenges.

During year 2021, South African scientists identified a new variant of Corona virus, Omicron. This caused a global stir, especially after it was discovered that the virus was present in other areas of the world.

The Omicron challenge triggered governments to introduce travel bans that has threatened businesses and entrepreneurship. The international bans disrupted businesses and global travel culture and challenged entrepreneurs.

One other event that is challenging entrepreneurship is climate change. People had hoped that the climate change meeting of 2021 would introduce policy and action that supports nations and industries to vector to climate friendly initiatives. The meeting outcome generated mixed reactions and could best be described as anti-climax for entrepreneurs.

Year 2021 featured several events and demonstration of social insecurity that created anxiety and unrest for the populace. There were reports of shooting, abductions of persons, kidnapping and arson in various parts of the globe. These incidents created anxiety in people.

Education experienced changes in school administration, and challenged entrepreneurs in the education sector to start developing new techniques and methods of delivering   educational services and learning to pupils.

United States of America’s pull out from Afghanistan and the socio-political changes created political crises, civil unrest, humanitarian crises and population displacement. The global ripple effect of this development affected many enterprises.

The civil unrest and turmoil in various parts of the   world including Nigeria, Yemen, Ethiopia and Sudan impacted negatively on entrepreneurs, global trade, and peace.

All these events of year 2021 really challenged nations, Global Leaders and entrepreneurs.

The year witnessed marked increase in level of challenges on entrepreneurship and business development.  Entrepreneurs were hampered by “devastating effects of soaring crime rates, plummeting moral values, mounting drug abuse, sky rocketing divorce rates ,spiraling inflation and  rising threat of terrorism.” The Watchtower.

Political unrest, kidnapping of citizens, general insecurity to lives and property became the order of the day in some countries.

There was a noticeable challenge in the food and agriculture sector. Food production in some areas suffered a decline, and prices of goods and services went up the scale.

2021 remains one year where a large segment of middle class dropped into the poverty class, and many enterprises collapsed.   Yet, the super-rich got richer. NASA successfully landed a copter on planet Mars and sent rockets to probe the Sun.

Entrepreneurship is the process of identifying challenges in the society, taking risks to develop solutions to identified challenges, investing passion, skills and resources to develop products and services that provide value to the people; and taking advantage of opportunities to scale significance and wealth.

Entrepreneurs take risks to make our world a better place. Entrepreneurs should be supported and encouraged to play their roles in providing things of value to people. The challenges militating against the growth and sustainability of entrepreneurs globally increased during years 2021.

The pace of life and the demand to sustain enterprises and continue to give value to people have become overwhelming for entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs run a high risk of marital stability, anxiety and mood disorders, low esteem and collapse of ventures. These cause some concern because entrepreneurship is the hub of national and global economies .   A global challenge on entrepreneurship remains a challenge on human development, peace, and productions.

Sustainable Development Goals and challenges on entrepreneurship.

Global entrepreneurship challenge impedes attainment of SDG’s.

It has been observed with concern that inefficient entrepreneurship deployment and skills impedes the attainment of SDG’s.

The 17 SDG are integrated, and they recognize that “action in one area will affect outcomes in others, and that development must balance social, economic, and environmental sustainability”.

“The Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s), also known as the Global Goals, were adopted by the United Nations in 2015 as a universal call to action to end poverty, protect the planet, and ensure that by 2030 all people  enjoy peace and prosperity.” www.undp.orgsustainable-development-goals.

The SDG’s principles uphold that the creativity, know-how, technology and financial resources from all of society is necessary to achieve the SDG in every context.

A global challenge on entrepreneurship and general discouragement of entrepreneur’s skills, denies the society the contribution of entrepreneurs to SDG’s.

17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s)

  1. No poverty
  2. Zero Hunger
  1. Good health and well-being
  2. Quality education
  3. Gender equality
  4. Clean water and sanitation
  5. Affordable and clean energy
  6. Descent work and economic growth
  7. Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure
  8. Reduced inequalities
  9. Sustainable cities and qualities
  10. Responsible consumption and production
  11. Climate action
  12. Life below water
  13. Life on land
  14. Peace, Justice and Strong institution
  15. Partnership for Goals

A careful study of these goals and appreciation of the role of entrepreneurs in the society will easily highlight the need for entrepreneurs’ contributions towards the attainment of SDG’s.


Jack Ma on experiences of entrepreneurs

How can you promote entrepreneurship and your vision for year 2022?

You can rise above the current challenges and focus on developing your enterprise in line with what you love to do; and discover opportunities for better life and business growth in year 2022.

What you need is to remain optimistic and focused, to develop positive attitude and positive mindset; to use your power of imagination and get the necessary knowledge and business tools.  You want to apply the teachings of a great sage and noble leader, Mahatma Ghandi.

“Keep your thoughts positive

Because your thoughts become your words.

Keep your words positive,

Because your words become your behavior.

Keep your behavior positive

Because your behavior becomes your habits.

Keep your habits positive, because your habits become your values.

Keep your values positive,

Because your values become your destiny.”

Make a decision and take action to promote entrepreneurship and your status

You want to express grit and determination. You want to take the experiences of your 2021 to step into 2022 better informed and determined than ever to promote entrepreneurship, the greatness in you, and your skills and passion.

You want to identify your potentials and the fields you are passionate about.

You want to identify opportunities even in the face of challenges, and develop products or services that give value to people.

You want to do more. You want to promote entrepreneurship.

Promoting entrepreneurship is the responsibility of all.

There is need to inspire others to get knowledge and equip  to develop their skills and passion to provide things of value for people.

Step into year 2022 boldly and resolve to enhance your status and inspire others   to grow.

Improve yourself to improve the world: Did you notice that the super-rich of our world got richer in year 2021? We were always full of joy to learn about the milestones attained by Mark

Zuckerberg  of Facebook, Elon Musk of Tesla, Warren Buffet of Berkshire Hartaway , Jeff Bezos of Amazon and so on.

You want to get knowledge of the principles, techniques and business tools these successful achievers use to rise above challenges and achieve their goals consistently.

2022 could be the year you made a decision that scaled your life and status.  It could be the year you learned the life and business formulae that achievers apply to achieve their goals.

It could be the year that you embarked on a project that propels you to achieve your unique life purpose. It could be the year that you achieved significance and enhanced life status.

It could be the year you promoted entrepreneurship and achieved financial freedom.

Yes, all it takes to promote entrepreneurship, promote your worth, and your status is knowledge, and idea, a decision, and action.

You want to get the knowledge. You want to get an idea. You want to take a decision. You want to take action.

The best way to improve our world and promote entrepreneurship is to start from improving yourself. Commit to improve yourself. Commit to develop your vision. Commit to pursue your set goals. Take action to scale your status, your worth and your significance.

“You are your own most important resource for making your life work. Life rewards action. Until your knowledge, awareness, insights, and understanding are translated into action, there are of no value” Philip C. McGraw

One other mentor, Robert Kiyosaki stated that the poor are people who ACT but don’t THINK. The middle class are people who THINK but don’t ACT. The rich are people who THINK and ACT. You want to THINK and ACT consistently to turn current challenges into opportunities

You should apply your imagination and passion to develop ideas, to improve on your significance and wealth. You can promote entrepreneurship in your community and globally.

Another way to improve our world and promote entrepreneurship is to inspire others in your community to develop themselves and turn out successful entrepreneurs.

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Work with us to make our world a better place.

Work with us to facilitate the attainment of Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s).

You too can turn challenges into opportunities in 2022.

All you need is join a global system that provides you with support, information, knowledge, and inspiration to trigger your potentials.

You work from home or any convenient place to generate amazing income
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World Economic Projections 2022 [Facebook Post]

The world’s economic output will exceed $100 trillion for the first time next year and it will take China a little longer than previously thought to overtake the United States as the No.1 economy, a report showed on Sunday.

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