Your Role to have Your Dreams come true

Read and Earn $Millions Program will equip you to identify your passion and potentials, and guide you to scale your status.

Your Role as Entrepreneur to Earn $Millions

Entrepreneurs’ Dreams come true: You too can create a legacy!

Entrepreneurs’ Dreams come True: You too can create a legacy!
Do you have a dream to create a worthy legacy?
Do you desire to develop your business to turn your potentials and passion into an enterprise that generates great profits and creates worthy legacy?
Do you desire to scale your significance and wealth?
Are you passionate about touching the life of others, and supporting them to scale their worth and wealth?
Are you passionate about making our world a better place?

If you answered YES to any of the above questions, this invitation is for you. Join a Global Leaders’ Wealth Enhancement Initiative.  Join Read and Earn $Millions Program and work from home, or any place of convenience to enhance your worth and wealth, and turn your potentials and passion into a profit generating enterprise for the benefit of people.
Read and Earn $Millions Program will equip you to develop self to turn out a successful achiever, and support others to scale their worth and wealth. The online Program will provide you with free motivational books, newsletters, and course to gain ideas, insights, and knowledge of the principles and techniques successful achievers apply to scale their life and Business. The Program will provide you with Business tools and marketing support to generate income from home. You will be equipped to provide things of value for people, and to mentor others to greatness. Sign up with $20 one time payment for life membership. No monthly fees, or other payments for all who join now. Membership sign up fees will go up sometime this year.
You may sign up here, or contact

Entrepreneurs’ Role, Your Role

The world is full of challenges and opportunities for growth and prosperity.
“This is an age of marvelous material development and astounding enterprise. Opportunity is everywhere about us.  Everyone is looking for ideas. “ Sidney N Bremer,  J.D. (Successful Achievements)
A handful of people have successfully taken advantage of our global situation, and have created a legacy of greatness and wealth. They have become the super rich and represent about 5 percent of the global population. They keep getting richer, while the poor keep getting poorer. The gap between the Rich and the Poor keeps getting wider.
Why is this so?
This is not any fault of the rich. It is a paradox of life that 5 percent of global population share 95 percent of global wealth, while 95 percent of global population make do with 5 percent of global wealth.
There are certain areas of life that generality of people enter into without knowledge. Very many people live out their lives on anti wealth plan. They fail to get knowledge of what it takes to achieve Success and prosperity. Very many people are unprepared to venture through a life of entrepreneural Challenges, to develop their skills and passion, and take risks.
Growing a business to develop products and services that provide value for people is a very risky undertaking. Entrepreneurs take risks. They invest their time, skills, passion, and resources to develop products and services for the benefit of people. They face competition and public regulations. They face personal challenges and social challenges.
The end result is that very many people remain discouraged. They choose to remain in their comfort zones and settle down with paid employment, or poor state. They allow their dreams to fade away.

Very many others are uninformed. They focus on getting some Financial Capital to boost their confidence in venturing into business, and Entrepreneurship. Financial support is required and helpful in business, however it is not in the front burner of your drive to Entrepreneurship. Desire, Vision,  Team and Plan are fundamental and could be fundamental to your personal development and Entrepreneurship drive.
Knowledge of ideas, principles, techniques, Business tools and formula that successful achievers apply to achieve their life goals consistently is what will give you the edge to win.

Big idea

“If you have a truly big idea, the wrong technique won’t kill it. And if you don’t have a big idea, the right techniques won’t help you.” David Ogilvy

Everybody is looking for ideas to develop something that gives value to people. You need ideas to develop your passion, potentials, and skills to something that people value. You need ideas to discover opportunities and check challenges.


“Back of all Achievements, back of all self-control, back of all thought control, is that magic something called DESIRE! It is no misstatement of fact to say that you are limited only by the depth of your desire.” Sidney M. Bremer

“Our world needs men and women who will step out from their comfort zone, identify a need of people, and provide the solution for the benefit of all.”

It begins with desiring to develop welcome legacy. It is achieved by loving people and caring, identifying Challenges and opportunities, and developing solutions.
Desire is a human emotion. Desire could be applied on the mind to generate vision, determination and drive. Developing a strong desire will equip you to develop a positive mindset and attitude, and imagination to develop a vision. Knowledge, Information, Motivation, and Inspiration will support you to develop a burning desire to scale your status and wealth. What you desire and pursue with positive mindset you will achieve. The support of Read and Earn $Millions Program will facilitate your scaling to where you should be.

You can enhance your wealth

“A wealthy person is simply someone who has learned how to make money when they are not working.” Robert Kiyosaki

Robert Kiyosaki creator of CASHFLOW Board Game and author Rich Dad Poor Dad

You can get knowledge of how successful achievers and wealthy people earn money when they are not working.
You can get knowledge, ideas, principles, techniques, Business tools, and formula successful achievers apply to achieve their goals.

You should get equipped to scale your status and impact on others to make our world a better place. You can develop self and create time freedom, financial freedom, and positive attitude to become a better you.

How can one live in today’s hectic world and make every area of life most fulfilling? Very many people are stressed, striving to achieve Success and enhance wealth. Very many people are battling to meet up with life’s challenges, and not achieving much.

There is a challenge of chaotic and busy life culture. There is a global challenge of understanding wealth and how to create wealth. The demands of family, work, relationships, and living can prove overwhelming to some people, where they lack knowledge. You can live, work from home, focus on doing what you love to do, and make every area of life most fulfilling. The key is to acquire knowledge and support of an entrepreneural system. Read and Earn $Millions Program is committed to provide you with quality books, newsletters, Business tools and support to make every area of life most fulfilling.

You can enhance your wealth easily. You can get knowledge, ideas, life and Business principles, Business tools, and techniques to use and become a successful achiever. You can acquire these by joining Read and Earn $Millions Program as a life member. Contact provide your email address, name, and interest for details.

Read and Earn $Millions Program- Leaders’ Wealth Enhancement Initiative

What you need to do is to sign up, and join Read and Earn $Millions Program, as a life member. The Program is a Global Entrepreneurs support system committed to mobilising and equipping entrepreneurs to develop their potentials and passion into profit generating enterprises. You pay a one time fee of $20 for registration. Members who join now will not be required to pay monthly fees, or any other fees for life. However members who join later may be required to pay monthly fees and other charges as necessary. Members who join now have some advantages and privileges. For further details contact provide email address, name and interest.

Read and Earn $Millions Program comes with a Business Leadership Course
Quality Books to inspire you to scale your status

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