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Are you passionate about watching trends in technology and trade? What is happening around you? How are people responding to events?

Sports: Novak Djokovic, World’s Tennis #1 wins Court Battle

James Webb Space Telescope

Create Your Website Training

For aspiring entrepreneurs who don’t have a website or want to improve their current one:



My proven & simple-to-follow 6-Step Framework for getting your website done in 2 weeks or less 

(with or without hiring someone to help you)

Does your business lack a proven, repeatable plan for capturing leads and converting those leads to customers?

Does technology hold you back from building a list, getting a website built and launching your business?

If so, read on…

After building 100+ websites for and with clients on multiple platforms and I have an incredibly efficient process for getting a website done from A to Z.

It doesn’t matter if it’s an online course, a membership, a multi-page sales funnel, a blog or a simple list building landing page.

The process is the same.

This Masterclass will teach you the exact process, step-by-step, saving your weeks and months of procrastination or overwhelm, and save you money in ways you wouldn’t believe.

I hear these problems all the time…

  • “I paid a virtual assistant/website builder thousands of dollars…” 
  • “I’m waiting for my website to be done for a few months”
  • “I don’t know what software to use, there are too many options”
  • “I don’t understand what this sales funnel is all about”
  • “Do I even really need a website?” [Yes, you do! I’ll explain exactly why in the Masterclass]

There is a simpler, cheaper, faster and more efficient way…00DAYS:00HOURS:00MINUTES:00SECONDSRegister for the Live MasterclassThis Masterclass is for YOU, if you are an aspiring or existing Service Provider, Coach, Course Creator, Consultant, Membership Site Owner who…

  • Has paid for coaching programs but aren’t getting the help you need with the technology side of things
  • Is scared of technology and considers it a barrier to starting or growing your business
  • Do not have an email list
  • Do not have a website (or aren’t happy with the one they have) 
  • Are looking to hire someone to build their website for them
  • Get paralyzed when it comes to landing pages, funnels, websites, etc
  • Are feeling overwhelmed with what software to use to grow your list, set up their course, website, landing page, etc
  • Unsuccessfully hired freelancers to build your website/landing page
  • Are feeling confused about funnels, landing pages, etc

00DAYS:00HOURS:00MINUTES:00SECONDSRegister for the Live MasterclassHere are just some of the things you will learn in the Masterclass

  • The exact preparation steps you need to take BEFORE hiring anyone to help you with your website (you’ll even get a checklist to get started as soon as you register)
  • The 3 reasons you shouldn’t hire someone to build your website FOR you (and what to do instead so you’re not stuck, it’s cheaper, easier, faster, safer and more efficient!) 
  • The 3 things you need to consider before choosing software for your online business
  • The 6-step framework to building a website DIY (the first 4 HAVE to be done even if you’re hiring someone to help you!)
  • The pros and cons to DIY, DWY, DFY (do-it-yourself, done-with-you, done-for-you) so you can make an informed decision on the route you want to take and that has your best interests in mind!
  • How to offset the costs of your software using affiliate marketing

00DAYS:00HOURS:00MINUTES:00SECONDSRegister for the Live Masterclass


  • Bonus #1 will give you what you need to confidently sell your products and services even if you think you struggle with copywriting
  • Bonus #2 will give you the preparation checklist you need to be ready for the Masterclass and make the most out of it (it is also THE checklist you need to follow and prepare before hiring anyone to help you with your website!)
  • Bonus #3 is optional and applicable to those who struggle with choosing software for their business. If that’s you, I will personally hop on a Zoom call for a free consultation BEFORE the Masterclass (and as soon as you register).

00DAYS:00HOURS:00MINUTES:00SECONDSRegister for the Live Masterclass

00DAYS:00HOURS:00MINUTES:00SECONDSRegister for the Live MasterclassHow long will the masterclass be?Is there gonna be any actual teaching?Will this actually be live? What if the time doesn’t work for me?Is there a preferred software to use for building a website?Will I have a website done by the end of the Masterclass?

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