Entrepreneurship- Gateway to Health, Spirituality, and Life Fulfillment

Entrepreneurship- Gateway to Health, Spirituality, and Life Fulfillment

There is a fine connection between Entrepreneurship, Health, Spirituality  and Life Fulfillment. This is because a single standard applies to You, your Life and life purpose, your passion, your health and enterprise. That single Standard is the Golden Rule.
Entrepreneurship is the activity of creating values, setting up businesses to provide value for people and generate profits.

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Entrepreneurship is the one activity that anpromises to lift one out of Challenges to freedom.
Every nation and community counts on entrepreneurs to identify challenges that her people bear, and develop products, services, and solutions to Challenges to give peotple value and make our world a better place.
Entrepreneurs turn challenges into opportunities. They are the people that develop solutions to challenges to keep our world getting better.
The government administrators and World Economic Forum understands that it pays good dividends to pay attention to Entrepreneurship.
Governments, nations, and Leaders appreciate that robust entrepreneural development and Entrepreneurship deployment could facilitate socioeconomic development and quality life for people. They set up policy framework and legislation to regulate operations of entrepreneurs and develop economies. These regulations and requirements are designed to protect people and promote quality services. However, many a times policy administrators and bureaucracy creates hurdles, bottlenecks, and complexities that baffle entrepreneurs and discourage Entrepreneurship.
Entrepreneurs are constrained to engage experts and consultants to help them navigate the intricate web of government regulations. This in addition to bearing the risks of Business.
Our world is burdened and challenged with low Entrepreneurship knowledge and deployment. People grow cautious.  They hesitate and fear to venture into Business and express their passion and potentials. People fear to run foul of regulatory authorities regulations.

Learn to do what you love to do. Express Your Passion

Fragile Structures
Furthermore, the “lack of strong institutions and systemic social cohesion ” in countries with fragile structures continue to undermine the capacity and services needed to promote Entrepreneurship. Inadequate banking and insurance facilities, corruption, low security apparatus, and poor Marketing infrastructure make it challenging for entrepreneurs to operate seamlessly.
Natural Disasters, COVID19 pandemic,  Climate Change Challenges
The effects of natural ddisasters,COVID19 pandemic,  Climate Change Challenges that ravage peoples’ lives and disturb economies have also impacted negatively Entrepreneurship. Many businesses could not continue operations. Employees lost their jobs.
Are you passionate about contributing to support Entrepreneurship and maketurn  our world more creative? You should be. You should develop your knowledge and skills. You should learn to focus on what you love to do and develop your passion to turn out a successful entrepreneur. You should support others to become successful entrepreneurs. You should scale your status and wealth.

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The simple way to support Entrepreneurship and scale your worth, status and wealth is to join global Program that will provide you with knowledge and support. Read and Earn $Millions Program is a Leaders’ Wealth Enhancement Initiative that provides members with free books, Business tools, techniques and principles to apply and achieve success. You too can sign up and start generating income. You too can support Entrepreneurship and develop self to become a successful achiever. You can learn from other successful achievers the secrets of the super rich.

The Rich get richer, the Poor get poorer

It is insightful to note that even as Entrepreneurship is challenged globally, and many entrepreneurs went under, the super rich in our society got richer. They developed successful enterprises and smiled to their banks. Their businesses scaled and generated profits.
The super rich have some knowledge and techniques that you need to have to scale your status and wealth. One strategy for success is to learn from successful achievers. You need to learn how the super rich enhance their “wealth through taxes,debt, inflation, and and retirement.” You need to learn how the super rich support Entrepreneurship to generate $Millions. You need to learn the principles, techniques, Business tools,and habits the super rich apply to scale their business even while the going gets rough. You need to read Robert Kiyosaki’s book, Conspiracy  of the Rich.  Visit richdad.com

Robert Kiyosaki author of Conspiracy of the Rich

Entrepreneurship and your Health Wealth

Your Health and Wellbeing
The World Health Organisation stated that Health means good condition of the physiological, psychological, and social adjustment. Good health is not confined to not being Ill. Many people can move about, carry on with daily chores but fail to enjoy good health. They have health Challenges like obesity, stress, poor nutrition,  organ malfunction, or immunity Challenges. Ill health has denied our generation and society of productivity and input of many talents. Over 15 million of persons aged 20 to 65 die annually  of preventable sickness.
Health is great wealth. The United Nations Goal 3 aims to ensure that everyone, everywhere has access to good health and wellbeing.
You should pay attention to your health by actually preventing any disease, or lack of nutrition, and poor habits. You should care for your physical, emotional, and mental health to equip you to promote life and Entrepreneurship.
You may develop self and be careful to take nutritious foods as against JUNK food, have adequate sleep daily, maintain regular physical exercise, avoid alcohol, drugs, and harmful substances, and avoid stress and anxiety in life. You can learn more ways to promote your health wealth. Visit http://www.trevo.life/philipofuani

Richard Branson Entrepreneur and Mentor

Spirituality, Love, and personal development

Spiritual wealth plays a role in your wellbeing, Entrepreneurship, and life fulfillment. Spiritual wealth is a measure of your adjustment to the meaning of life, your unique life purpose, and your legacy. Your spiritual state could have an impact on your social, mental, and physical state. Your attitude, health, significance, and happiness are influenced by your spiritual state. Your Spiritual State inspires you to love self, and love your neighbors. Your Spiritual State inspires you to to care and desire to develop solutions to Challenges that burden people. Your Spiritual State inspires you to to promote alms giving  and help those in need. Your Spiritual State equips you to appreciate creation and your creator, God.

The Golden Rule

John C Maxwell is an author known as America’s expert on leadership. In his book, There’s No Such Thing as Business Ethics John Maxwell “reveals the many ways the Golden Rule creates the perfect environment for business success.” Visit http://www.centerstreet.com
Read There’s No Such Thing As Business Ethics to learn how applying the Golden Rule to business “builds morale, increases productivity, encourages teamwork, lowers employee turnover, and keeps clients coming back.”

Book by John C Maxwell

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