Entrepreneurship and Business Trends Today vol 2022- 001


Ancient Techniques that can help save the Planet

Health: Spotlight on Neglected Tropical Diseases, NTDs


As NTDs day is on, it’s alright to take advantage and raise awareness on one socioeconomic issue that affects Entrepreneurship in tropical communities. Let me share highlights from an email campaign of Global Citizens.

NTD Neglected Tropical Diseases is a diverse group of 20 diseases that are prevalent in tropical areas, where they mostly affect impoverished communities, particularly women and children. NTDs are tropical Diseases which include several parasitic, bacterial and viral diseases, that generally afflicts the world’s poor, and historically has not received as much attention as the big three ( Tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS, Malaria)

NTDs cause organ damage due to chronic infection, the disabilities caused by NTDs lead to poor educational outcomes, low productivity, and negatively impact economic growth. Rabies, Buruli Ulcer,Dengue Fever, Chaga Disease, Guinea Worm Disease, Hyper- tapeworm, Sleeping Sickness and others are NTDs that affect the poorest most vulnerable people who live in hard to reach parts.

NTDs have a range of shocking consequences. Sever pain can prevent children from attending school, and disfiguring effects cause social isolation for adults. Unable to work, people face long term economic challenges and become trapped in the cycle of poverty.

Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) Programmes are critical in the fight against NTDs. Access to clean water and sanitation helps to reduce the occurrence of NTDs in vulnerable communities. Nigeria has a high rate of NTDs. NTDs are treatable and preventable if communities are sensitized and protected through mass drug administration and environmental control. Leaders need to increase resources for controlling and eliminating NTDs. Kindly support Global Citizens and share information on NTDs to raise awareness and attract attention to the challenge.

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