Entrepreneurship Challenges Faced by Entrepreneurs; How to Overcome them


Hello! My name is Phil Ofuani. I am glad and excited that you are here for this presentation – Entrepreneurship Challenges Faced by Entrepreneurs, How to Overcome them.

I will show you how you can overcome entrepreneurship challenges and scale your life and business, in this presentation.

Entrepreneurship Development is plagued with challenges that frustrate the efforts of entrepreneurs and startups to provide things of value for the benefit of people. These challenges frustrate the efforts of entrepreneurs to build successful businesses, and deny them the joy of turning their dream into reality.

Are you an entrepreneur who desires to scale your business to start generating $Millions of profits?

Do you desire to start up a business venture but are fearful because there are risks and challenges?

Do you want to get knowledge of strategies you can understand and rely on to develop your business and become a successful achiever?

Do you desire to overcome challenges and unlock your full potential to consistently achieve your life and business goals?

Do you desire to grow from where you are now to a position you deserve to be?

Do you desire to develop what you love to do and turn that into a business that provides value for people and generates $Millions in profits?

Do you desire to learn how to have your money work for you, how to keep making money when you are not working?

If you answered YES to any of the above questions, this presentation is for you. I encourage you to continue with us to the end of this presentation. I am confident that you will acquire some knowledge and ideas that you could use to put your life and business in full throttle to facilitate your drive to greatness and success.

I will share with you the common challenges that entrepreneurs face in their quest to achieve business goals, and the techniques you could apply to overcome the challenges.

I will reveal to you some simple steps you could apply to get over these challenges, and scale your business and life to awesome accomplishment.

I will introduce to you strategies you could apply in your business to generate $Millions in profits and rank as a successful achiever. You will not only become a successful achiever, and

consistently achieve your life and business goals, you will also create a sound legacy, touch the lives of others positively, and develop more successful entrepreneurs in our society.

I will reveal to you, how you can dream big and work smart to promote entrepreneurship and turn out a leader and successful achiever.

You have the potential to excel. You have everything you need to pursue your passion and attain success as an entrepreneur. Yes, you can scale your business and life. The process is simple, but it is not easy.

The road to success is a road of struggles and challenges. Many people decline to take that road. They choose to take the road of comfort.

There is no doubt that entrepreneurship development is burdened with challenges. These challenges frustrate the efforts of entrepreneurs and startups to achieve success. These challenges cause many people to lose interest in venturing into entrepreneurship.

I will highlight these challenges in this short presentation. I will further, share with you, the solutions you could apply to overcome these challenges, and scale your business. I will also share ways you can facilitate Entrepreneurship development to build a business that turns your skills and passion into a generator of things that provide value for people and profits for you.

What is Entrepreneurship?

Entrepreneurship is the process of developing something for the purpose of creating wealth for the developer and value for the society. The Entrepreneur is an individual who sets up a business to provide something of value for people.

The entrepreneur takes risks and invests his time, skills and resources to develop products or services that give value to people to make our world a better place. Entrepreneurs identify challenges that face people, then they take responsibility to provide solutions. Entrepreneurs innovate developments to touch the lives of people and the environment. Entrepreneurs provide job and economic development for a nation.

Entrepreneurs are fundamental and important to people and the nation, because they develop vital products and services. They also create employment to boost socio-economic development.

You are needed to play your part to turn your skills and passion into products or services that people need. When you do this the society rewards you with recognition and income. Look around you. You will find products and services. These are things that entrepreneurs developed to solve challenges that beset people.

Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, Late Stev Jobs of Apple, Elon Musk of Tesla, Jeff Bezos of Amazon, Warren Buffett of Hathaway Inc,   Bill Gates of Microsoft and a few others  are celebrated successful Entrepreneurs who demonstrated the potential of entrepreneurship to make our world a better place for all.

These entrepreneurs have knowledge of principles of entrepreneurship that they always  apply to consistently achieve their set goals.

You note that these entrepreneurs were able to keep scaling their wealth even through the COVID 19 Pandemic. They started from small beginnings. They had challenges. They operated in our common environment. They overcame challenges and scaled their businesses.

This course will reveal the knowledge and business tools they have and apply to achieve their goals. They applied knowledge and skills to overcome challenges and build fantastic business empires.

You too can acquire knowledge, business tools and skills to overcome challenges and go ahead to build a business that generates profits.

Some Entrepreneurship Challenges

Challenges that could frustrate your efforts to scale your business and life

Some of the challenges that entrepreneurs face are lack of good ideas, inadequate banking services, ineffective team, competitions, inadequate capital, high cost of production, government regulation.

There are challenges that are personal. You need to note these personal challenges and overcome them to build a successful business. Here are they:

·         Lack of business and financial knowledge

·         Poor Mentoring

·         Procrastination, negative thinking and attitude

·         Ignoring what you love to do

·         Failing to Develop Creative Thinking, Mind and Imagination

·         Ineffective Social Media application 

·         Marketing challenges

   Complex Government policy and regulations.

It is a sad irony and paradox of this generation that against the backdrop of the 4th Industrial Revolution and business opportunities that abound everywhere, our world is challenged and burdened with low entrepreneurship knowledge and deployment.

It has been noted with concern that inadequate entrepreneurship deployment and skills impede the global Sustainable Development Goals Agenda.

The final communique of 2014 G20 Leaders Summit called for enhanced economic growth and strategies to reduce unemployment, particularly among youths, through encouragement of entrepreneurship.

The point here is that entrepreneurs have great potential to promote socio economic development in our world. You should develop and apply your skills, passion and resources to build a business that generates profit and grow your status and significance. You too can become celebrated as a successful achiever and leader. I will introduce you to Business Coaches and Entrepreneurs who will guide you, offer you proven business formulas to apply and overcome entrepreneurial challenges.

The need to stimulate economic growth and job creation by the application of entrepreneurship and innovation development policy has been considered by governments over the years.

In this presentation, I will focus on how you, as an individual can overcome entrepreneurship challenges and scale your life and business to generate $Millions. The focus is to learn from experts and  Business Coaches the formulae and tools they used to their businesses to be generating $Millions in profits. All you need to do is learn from the masters, adapt to your passion and apply to generate profits. No need attempting to reinvent the wheel. No need for trial and error.

I will reveal to you concrete strategies that these successful achievers applied to build their businesses

Your part is to get the knowledge, overcome the challenges, apply the formula, and have your money work for you.

“Some experts have attributed the challenges faced by entrepreneurs to systemic failure in entrepreneurship development. Others think entrepreneurs fail due to their unpreparedness for entrepreneurial journey.”  terraskills.com

These excuses are valid. These challenges militate against the growth and sustainability of entrepreneurs.

Cost of running a business could go high and frustrate entrepreneurs due to poor banking services, ineffective communication, inefficient power supply, poor

transformation system, insecurity, poor social media profile, poor IT deployment, government policies and regulations.

Lack of knowledge of entrepreneur, financial and life principles, ineffective business tools and techniques,

Unfavorable fiscal policies, limited access to funding, poor knowledge of the market are some challenges that you want to overcome as an entrepreneur to make sure you turn your business to  a project that generates profit, and a legacy for you.

This is needful and simple, but it doesn’t come easy. It calls for knowledge, discipline, commitment, and grit. I will in this course introduce you to some quality motivational books you could read to acquire these necessary qualities that support successful achievers. Reading quality books will promote personal development and give you needed knowledge.I am of the Igbo race and extraction of Africa. The Igbos practice a socioeconomic culture of apprenticeship to develop Entrepreneurship in young individuals. Young

individuals live with a Mentor for years to learn trade and Leadership principles. During these years of service and training, knowledge of business principles and life, creative thinking, mind and Imagination development, Marketing and relationship building are drilled into young apprentices to prepare them for Entrepreneurship and Leadership.

You will receive knowledge of business and life principles you could apply to overcome challenges and scale your life and business in this course. You will also receive access to business tools, business formulas and techniques to overcome challenges and build a business in tune with what you love to do, to achieve Success.

You will have the privilege to receive mentoring from experts to scale your life and business.

Allow me to inform you here that I am a blogger and affiliate marketer. I represent businesses and share their links and products in my presentations. If you click on any link I share, and go ahead to make a purchase, I will be paid commission at no cost to you. Please apply discretion while placing orders.

Quality books to boost your potentials

Here are some books that I recommend for you. These books will give you knowledge, provide you with ideas, and equip you to develop skills you could apply to overcome challenges, and scale life and business.

Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert T. Kiyosaki

How to Influence People by Dale Carnegie

Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

The Magic of Thinking Big by David J. Schwartz

Create Your Wealth  by Philip Ofuani 

Successful Achievement by Sydney N. Bremer

Your Compass to Financial Freedom by Philip Ofuani

I will call to your mind one habit of Successful Achievers and the Super Rich. This is a habit you want to consider and start applying immediately to dispose yourself for wealth Creation.

Give alms to the poor, the needy and the less privileged. Donate to Charities. Don’t wait until you have ample money to start giving alms to the needy.

Charity promotes Entrepreneurship. Absence of charity challenges Entrepreneurship. Go with the successful entrepreneurs and develop a habit of giving alms.


You have ideas. You get ideas from people. You get ideas from books. You can develop your mind and Imagination to generate ideas. Reading quality books will prepare you to develop your mind and Imagination to receive ideas.

Ideas will equip you to overcome challenges. Ideas will equip you to develop products and services that provide value for people and generate income for you. Ideas will help you to develop plans to promote your business.

Your passion, doing what you love to do

One Entrepreneurship Challenge that is often overlooked is to identify what you love to do, and develop your business in accordance with what you are passionate about. Many entrepreneurs fail because they focus on occupations they are not passionate about. You perform better when you engage in what you love to do.

In identifying what you love to do, and focusing on working on what you are passionate about, you boost the application of your potential to effectively pursue your goals..

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Click on this link to access OLSP System and Wayne Crowe Business Coaching https://snip.ly/441tvnThanks a million for your interest and attention. You are indeed awesome and amazing to stick to the end of this presentation and course. I hope you have grasped some ideas and knowledge in this presentation. I also hope that you have connected with Business Coaches to develop your business so that you could start generating amazing profits. I am really passionate to see entrepreneurs generating $Millions from their business. Kindly click the like button below and give me a comment for encouragement. Once again, thanks and to your Success! 

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