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You have a responsibility to develop self, cooperate with others to develop products and services that provide value for people. Whatever your status, wherever you are, you can develop products and services that give value to people. You also need others to develop products and services that give value to you and your loved ones.

Sir David Atenburough on Nature


Sir David Atenburough

Positive Ways to Success and Significance

How to Promote Entrepreneurship, Achieve Success, and Touch Lives

Life calls for you to commit manifest your unique life purpose and achieve to invest time, passion, emotions, talent, aptitude, money, potentials, and comfort to achieve success.

What is Success in Life?

Success in Life is the goal of everyone. Everybody wants to achieve success in life. Many people find it hard to attain success in life because they lack a clear understanding of success. It is difficult to get to an unknown destination.
Success in Life is to attain your unique life purpose. You succeed in life when you have manifested your life purpose.

You miss the Mark if you per adventure manifest a life purpose that is not yours. This is possible and common. Many people have failed to identify what they love to do, they got influenced by opinions of others, and worked to manifest life goals that are not their unique life purpose.

Success in life means more than the acquisition of of money, financial securities, material possessions, and mansions. It means more than attaining high position, or fame..
Financial Freedom, Getting money and material possessions, getting famous and celebrated, and attainment of positions and rank are very good and desirable. There are all part of Success in Life.

However, if you attain all these estates and fail to manifest your unique life purpose, you will remain unfulfilled. Note also that you use the estates listed above to pursue your life goals and manifest your unique life purpose.

Attainment of life purpose will generate contentment, fulfillment, and legacy that is worth more than gold and fame.

The Prize of Life

The Prize of Life is the reward you receive when you have served well. It is the recognition you attract when you create a worthy legacy. The Prize of Life is the status you acquire as you strive to manifest your life goals, express love of God and your neighbor.

The Prize of Life is the reward for your efforts in giving yourself, manifesting of life purpose, and applying your time, talents and possessions to make our world a better place.

In your endeavors to manifest your unique life purpose you generate Opportunities, products, and services that give value to people.

Our world needs men and women “who will step out of their comfort zones identify a need of people, and provide the solutions” for the benefit of people.
This is Entrepreneurship. Our world needs entrepreneurs.

It begins with desiring to develop a welcome legacy. It is achieved by loving people, caring, identifying challenges and Opportunities, and developing solutions.

This is one positive way to Success. You achieve this by desiring to manifest your unique life purpose, and achieve Success in life. You get to identify your unique life purpose by following your passion, and working on what you love to do. Focusing on what you love to do and developing your skills and potentials on what you love to do, will vector you to your unique life purpose.

Have You Identified Your Unique Life Purpose?

The purpose of your life is far greater than your personal fulfillment, your peace of mind, or even your happiness. It is far greater than your family, your career, or even your wildest dreams and ambitions.” Rick Warren

Your life purpose is unique. The whole Creation is waiting on you to manifest your life purpose, to develop products and services that give value to people.
May be you have identified your life purpose. However, there is no cause for alarm if you have not. The important thing is to appreciate the fact that you have a unique life purpose and have a strong desire to manifest it.
You will identify it when you commit to follow your passion and focus on doing what you love to do, very well. Things will unfold and work out to guide you to identify your unique life purpose.

Your experience reading this post is not accidental. This experience could trigger your passion and lead you to discover what you love to do.

Personal Development
Personal Development is a necessary path for you if you desire to achieve Success and Significance in life. Personal Development is a positive way to success and significance.

You need to tap from the knowledge and experience of others to develop your potentials and worth. You need to learn from experts and mentors the principles, formulas, tools, and techniques that help Successful Achievers to scale their life, significance, and businesses.

How do Successful Achievers achieve amazing goals? How is it that the rich are getting richer while many are struggling to make ends meet? How is it that many people work hard striving for success, yet fail?

You need to develop relationship with mentors and experienced Masters to develop self and achieve Success and Significance.
You need to get knowledge, guidance, tools, and training to develop self, identify Opportunities and scale your efforts to manifest your unique life purpose.

Where can you find your mentors?
abound and you can find them in your family, your community, your church, and work place.
However, there are professional mentors. These mentors have a purpose to mobilize, train, influence and support entrepreneurs to develop selves and scale their life. They have developed enterprises and systems to support entrepreneurs.

If you desire to achieve Success, you need to reach out and relate with these systems for guidance and support.

Success depends, above all, upon people. Build relationships, teams, partnerships; and motivate people to contribute, cultivate Leadership, Creativity, Excellence; Listen, seek new ideas, and advice.” Ruth Scott

You can find Mentors to Develop Self and Enterprise

Wayne Crowe

Wayne Crowe


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