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Entrepreneurs invest their skills, passion, time and resources to develop solutions to challenges that beset people. They develop products and services that provide value for people. They take risks and work hard. Entrepreneurs deserve to be appreciated.

However, only a few entrepreneurs have their dreams come true and attain financial freedom. A few others end up as middle class. Many keep struggling to make ends meet and their dreams fade away.

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The Challenge

The challenge is getting knowledge of the principles, life habits, business methods and techniques that the super – rich have. Many entrepreneurs work hard for money, but they lack knowledge of the principles, business methods and techniques that could scale their business. They lack knowledge of how to leverage their efforts to build a business that generates amazing profits. They lack knowledge of how to “have money work for them.”The sad result is they get caught in the poverty trap and find it difficult to attain financial freedom. Even when some entrepreneurs achieve success in financial wealth sector, without knowledge of these principles and business / life habits, they ignore other wealth sectors and suffer some life challenges. Some experience relationship challenges, health challenges and socio- political challenges.

Good News

Good news is that financial freedom for entrepreneurs is attainable. Entrepreneurs need to be given access to knowledge of these principles, life habits, business methods and formulas the super – rich apply to achieve success and financial freedom.

Good news is that you can support to pass this knowledge to entrepreneurs. You can support by claiming my FREE book – Your Compass to Financial Freedom and free subscription to my ENTREPRENEURHUB newsletter, and Entrepreneurship Opportunities Journal. You can use these materials to mentor and influence people to become successful entrepreneurs.

These documents will equip you scale your enterprise and attain financial freedom. That is not all. It will equip you to create a good legacy and support other entrepreneurs to grow. You will be equipped to scale other wealth sectors of life and get fulfillment.

The challenge is that entrepreneurs need you and I to obtain and share this knowledge. There is a limit to what I can achieve doing it alone. All you may do is get the free materials. Read and share the knowledge.

This knowledge is not really a secret. Dale Carnegie used it and desired that these principles be thought in public schools. However, many people are not privileged to have it. These ones are denied the opportunity to attain financial freedom. They need to get the knowledge. They need to learn to scale their status, significance and wealth to make our world a better place. The knowledge taught in schools prepare people to work for money. People need to learn how to have their money “work for them.” “The main reason people struggle financially is because they have spent

years in school but learned nothing about money. The result is that people learn to work for money…  but never learn to have money work for them.” Robert T. Kiyosaki

Napoleon Hill in his legendary book Think and Grow Rich stated, “The secret was brought to my attention by Andrew Carnegie ….it was Mr. Carnegie’s idea that the magic formula, which gave him stupendous fortune, ought to be placed within reach of people who do not have time to investigate how men make money.”

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Do you desire to create a good legacy for self and impact positively on people?

Do you desire to scale your life and fortune and attain Financial Freedom?

Do you desire to place this knowledge and entrepreneurship formula within the reach of others to make our world a better place?

Do you desire to attain Time Freedom and develop your wealth in other wealth sectors of  life?

Do you desire to identify what you love to do, and develop what you love to do to a business to a business that provides things of  value for people?

Do you desire to create multiple streams of income and attain Financial Freedom?

Do you desire to become a super entrepreneur and promote entrepreneurship to make our world a better place?

If you answered YES to any of the above questions this invitation is for you.  Get your FREE book, Your Compass to Financial Freedom and free subscription to my ENTREPRENEURHUB newsletter, and Entrepreneurship Opportunities Journal.

Dare to Grow

My dream and passion is to promote Entrepreneurship Development, so that entrepreneurs could serve people readily and make our world a better place. Consider the positive and salutary impact successful entrepreneurs keep making in our communities. Recall the constructions of these giants of industry; Warren Buffett, Oprah Winfrey, Bill Gates, Melinda French Gates, Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos and others. Imagine what our world would be like when more entrepreneurs attain financial institutions freedom.

Oprah Winfrey Super Entrepreneur, Mentor and Philanthropist
Elon Musk of Tesla

Entrepreneurs work to develop our world. Entrepreneurs provide food, shelter, health services, beauty culture, employment, entertainment, education, transportation, information, infrastructure and more for the benefit of people.

Entrepreneurs are our heroes. Entrepreneurship should be promoted. You too are an entrepreneur. You should scale your status. You should grow. Claim your free book and promote entrepreneurs to get necessary knowledge, improve skills and attain Financial Freedom.

Create your free subscription to receive tips, tit bits and messages that could keep you inspired and trigger your passion to keep making our world a better place.

Strategy for Victory

“In a world of excessive activism and aggressive competitions to do more and more, and acquire more and more of everything “entrepreneurs are called upon to develop strategy for victory, to keep contributing solutions to people’s challenges and building legacies.

“This is an age of marvelous material development and astounding enterprise. Opportunity is everywhere about us. Everyone is looking for ideas” Sidney N. Bremer

Thank you viewing and for your patience. I wish you success and I hope you will subscribe for the free book and newsletter.

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Bonus Opportunities

Here are some business coaches and resources you may use to scale your status and build your business to generate million dollars.

Develop a burning desire and positive mindset to turn out a super entrepreneur and attain Financial Freedom. Close your mind against procrastinate and skepticism. Study these opportunities and take action to grow.

Philip Ofuani Entrepreneurship Promoter, Affiliate Marketer, Coache

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