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It is an irony of life that in a world where every mind is always receiving ideas, people find it hard to get ideas to develop their business. Why is this so? A case and situation of ‘water, water everywhere” and not enough for everyone is challenging all. This is so because people ignore their mind. The mind of man is an organ that receives, sends and develops ideas into situations, products and services. However, the mind is a disciplined organ. It doesn’t force ideas on you. It creates situations, solutions, products and services out of the ideas you nurture or feed to your mind. If you feed your mind with positive thoughts and attitude, your mind will generate pleasant circumstances. If you feed your mind with negative thoughts and attitude, your mind will generate unpleasant circumstances for you.

How to Get Ideas and develop them

You are always getting ideas. Ideas are everywhere about us. Ideas are seeds you might nurture on your mind to develop your desire, dreams, and vision to products, services and circumstances that provide value for you and other people. You get ideas from people as you communicate with them. Listen to people and note the points they are making. Grasp what is positive and filter out what is negative. When you listen to the radio, be attentive and get ideas. You can get ideas from advertisements, news and radio discuss. You get ideas from the social media. You get ideas from books, magazines, Journals and publications. You get ideas from self. Your mind continuously process your experiences and generates ideas. These ideas come as intuitions, hunches, dreams and self suggestions. It is useful to take some time and go into a world of fantasy. “Cross the bridge ‘ of reality and enter the zone of fantasy to get ideas.

You use your mind to develop ideas. If you nurture negative ideas, your mind will generate unpleasant circumstances. If you nurture positive ideas, your mind will generate pleasant circumstances. Ideas may appear as absurd when they cross your mind. They may appear as illogical, or impossible flights of fantasy. Your part is to nurture them in your mind, or filter them out. As you reflect on an ideas you will get options and suggestions that develop the ideas. Also, circumstances will unfold to support you and cause your ideas to turn to vision and goal. More ideas will follow to turn your vision to mission, team and plans. Effective team work will make your dream become reality.

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