Inspiring Women Entrepreneurs Role Models

Women are amazing Entrepreneurs. You can find women in every community, and country, engaging in businesses. Traditionally, every woman engages in businesses from retail trading, food processing and production, farming and agriculture to textiles and pharmacy.

Empower women to achieve Global goals

Limitations on Women Entrepreneurship

However, our society has developed some social and cultural mindset that make it difficult for women to conveniently build businesses, and provide things that give value to people. There are some who have the opinion that women are not capable of Leadership, Business building, Decision making, and taking responsibility. Of course, this is not true. Many women, all round the globe, have built successful businesses. They have scaled their significance and status. They have overcome all hurdles.

A majority of women and girls continue to be marginalized and constrained because of social and economic style in every community. Women and girls lack access to education, equal pay, social security, business finance, and right to property ownership. Sustainable Development Goals 5 is developed with other global goals to promote gender equality, and empower women to contribute fully to global development. Policy makers remain slow in introducing policy changes to make this global dream come true.

Inspiring Women Entrepreneurs Role Models

I will share a brief intro of some Inspiring Women Entrepreneurs Role Models.

Women face daunting social, economic, and cultural challenges in our world, as they struggle to turn their potential, skills, and talents into business that could impact positively on people.

The society, and tradition stalls women’s rights and privileges to participate in business building, leadership, and decision making.

Gender equality, as envisioned by Sustainable Development Goals 5, remains a dream that could fade away.

Yet, there is good news. Many women from all regions, and nations, continue to strive, scale, and build successful businesses.

They demonstrate that women are capable to play their role as Leaders, Role Models, Entrepreneurs, Decision Makers, and Wealth Creators.

They play commendable roles in poverty alleviation, Politics, Governance, Administration, Community Development, Agriculture, family, Finance, Technology, Entertainment, Health, Hospitality, and other sectors of global economy.

Here are just a few celebrities to represent the numerous inspiring women entrepreneurs, role models that demonstrate to all that women empowerment leads to global development.

Oprah Winfrey

Entrepreneur, Role Model, Philanthropist.

Host, Oprah Winfrey Show. Founder Oprah Winfrey Network, OWN

Angela Merkel

Former German Chancellor, Retired Politician, Administrator, Scientist.

Susan Wojcicki

CEO YouTube

Arianna Huffington

Author, Business Woman.

Co founder of Huffington post

Folorunsho Alakija

Billionaire Business Woman, Philanthropist

Business in Fashion, Real Estate, Printing industry, Oil and Gas.

Named 2nd richest African woman by Businessday NG

Indra Nooyi

Business Executive, Former CEO PepsiCo, Member Board of Directors, Amazon

Serena Williams
American Professional Tennis Player, Entrepreneur, Role Model, Philanthropist.

Michelle Obama

American Attorney, Author, Role Model, Entrepreneur

Former 1st Lady USA 

Wang Laichun

Chairperson Luxshare, Chinese Electronic Company

Wendy Luhabe

South African Entrepreneur, and author.

Selected a Global Leader of Tomorrow in 1997 by World Economic Forum.

Serves on the board of some companies.

Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw

Founder Biocon, an Indian biopharma company.

These are just a tip of the iceberg that are global women entrepreneurs. 

I hope you got inspired to seek ideas, knowledge, and mentoring to develop self, and build a business that provides value for people, and scales your net worth.

You too can become a successful entrepreneur

You too can promote women empowerment.

You can get mentoring, business formulas, and free business tools. Write Mentoring in comments box below to receive free business tools and tips.


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