Entrepreneurship Success – Passion – and Celebrity Lifestyle – Serena Williams

I will share Inspiration for Entrepreneurship through Passion.
I will share Entrepreneurship Success, passion, and Celebrity lifestyle.
It’s helpful to keep focused, and strive to build and develop your business based on what you love to do, what you are passionate about.

Building your business, based on what you love to do, equips you to excel in your venture and manifest your unique life purpose.
You are happy, as you express and develop your potential.
You stay motivated, self driven, and set to contribute your part in developing, somethings that’ll give values to people.
Developing business and career, on what you love to do guides you to achieve your unique life purpose and success.
The celebrity I will share today is, Serena Williams! Queen and Empress of Tennis Court!

Serena Williams is one celebrity, heroine of Entrepreneurship, and a role model to youths, women, athletes, and entrepreneurs.
Entrepreneurs have a lot to learn from her dedication, industry, positive mindset and attitude, and commitment to achieve set goals.
In today’s world of excessive activism, aggressive competition, and challenged business outlook, it is possible for people to express pessimism and get disillusioned.
This is why, it is rewarding and inspirational to learn from, and apply principles from the life and achievements of a heroine, a female entrepreneur, a beautiful role model, a distinguished athlete and

Serena Williams is one celebrity whose life and significance inspires entrepreneurs, girls, women, athletes and achievers.
You too, can pick some of her Entrepreneurship style and get inspired.
Her life and achievements attest to how you could scale your status, attain contentment and fulfillment, and grow your business, by doing what you love to do.
Identify what you love to do and develop your business and potential on what you are passionate about.
Serena Williams is an American professional tennis player and Entrepreneur. She was born 26thSeptember 1981.

Watch on YouTube https://youtu.be/eP82tOpwLA8

Watch video on YouTube https://youtu.be/eP82tOpwLA8

You can get details of her amazing life from en.m.wikipedia.org
She got married to Alexis Ohanian in year 2017 and they have a child. Her website is http://www.serenawilliams.com
Women’s Tennis Association has ranked her Single No.1 for 319 weeks.
She has won 23 Grand Slam Singles.
Her Grand Slam Singles results include 7 Australian Open, 3French Open, 7 Wimbledon, 6 USA Open.
She also won some Grand Slam Doubles with her senior sister Venus Williams.
Her Doubles results include 4 Australian Open, 2 French Open, 6 Wimbledon Open, 2 USA Open
Serena is the first tennis player to achieve a Career Golden Slam in both Singles and Doubles.

Her exploits in tennis and life has impacted women’s professional tennis positively.
She has equally made remarkable impact in business. She was listed in Forbe’s list of 100 highest paid athletes in year 2017, with $27Million in prize money and endorsements, en.m.wikipedia.org
In December 2015, Sports Illustrated Magazine named Serena Williams Sports Person of the year.
SkySports reports, “ Serena Williams set to make her comeback at Eastbourne next week and then Wimbledon.”
Queen of tennis represented USA in Olympics and won several Gold Medals.
Serena’s life as an athlete, mother, model, and Entrepreneur impacted on young girls, women and Entrepreneurs.
Her return to Wimbledon, challenges all to keep developing selves, dreaming big, expressing positive mindset and attitude, and scaling for significance.

Dreams – Passion – Team for Success

You have Wealth in you! You have a unique life purpose! You have greatness in you! You can dream big. You can nurse a great desire. You can develop some ideas and vision. You can follow your passion. You can develop your skills and potential on what you love to do and achieve success. You can build a business on what you love to do and develop something that gives value to people. You can get knowledge and mentoring to build a business on what you love to do, a business that generates amazing wealth. You can create your wealth.

Some people have a dream but no team – their dream is impossible. Some people have a dream but a bad team – their dream is a nightmare. Some people have a dream and are building a team – their dream has potential. Some people have a dream and a great team – their dream is inevitable.’ John Maxwell

The meaning of Life is to find your gift. The purpose of Life is to give it away.” Pablo Picasso Think over this. You need to identify your unique life purpose. You need to manifest your purpose, to provide people with what gives value to people.

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