You Can Build a Business That Generates Million Dollars

It is Possible and Achievable: You can Scale Your Business You can build a business that generates million dollars! You have the potential to become a successful entrepreneur! You have some unique aptitude. You can develop a business on what you love to do, and develop products, and/ or services that give value to people.Continue reading “You Can Build a Business That Generates Million Dollars”

Entrepreneurs’ Hub

Welcome to Entrepreneurs’ Hub!Why do entrepreneurs need a hub?Entrepreneurs need a hub to have one spot where they can interact with mentors and others, rub minds, access markets, and receive regular mentoring from experts.Entrepreneurs need a hub where they can readily discover useful business tools and products they could use to scale their business.Entrepreneurs needContinue reading “Entrepreneurs’ Hub”

Look at this… 👀

Look at this… 👀 3 Skills to Make you a better Business Leader- World Economic Forum From Davos: Perspectives “We will no longer wait for the slowest and least ambitious. Instead, we will lead by example and we will turn climate action cost factor into competitive advantage.” Olaf Scholz

Dream Big, Desire Success, Achieve Your Vision

There’s greatness in you! You are created and commissioned with a unique life purpose. It could be you have identified your unique life purpose. Most people don’t identify their life purpose early in life. However everyone is drawn to actualize his life purpose. Your life purpose is essential to make our world a pleasant place.Continue reading “Dream Big, Desire Success, Achieve Your Vision”

Life and Business: Trends in Technology and Trade

Are you passionate about watching trends in technology and trade? What is happening around you? How are people responding to events? Sports: Novak Djokovic, World’s Tennis #1 wins Court Battle James Webb Space Telescope Create Your Website Training For aspiring entrepreneurs who don’t have a website or want to improve their current one: WEBSITEContinue reading “Life and Business: Trends in Technology and Trade”

Your Role to have Your Dreams come true

Your Role as Entrepreneur to Earn $Millions Entrepreneurs’ Dreams come true: You too can create a legacy! Entrepreneurs’ Dreams come True: You too can create a legacy!Do you have a dream to create a worthy legacy?Do you desire to develop your business to turn your potentials and passion into an enterprise that generates great profitsContinue reading “Your Role to have Your Dreams come true”

Nature-based solutions and how they can be Harnessed to tackle Climate change Mark Zuckerberg on Quest… The Guardian on COVID19 pandemic China Wetland A wetland in Kunming, China is an outdoor exhibition site for a UN biodiversity conference to be held next week in the city. Find out how the wetland has taken on a new look with increased ecological restoration. #GLOBALink — China XinhuaContinue reading “Nature-based solutions and how they can be Harnessed to tackle Climate change”

Entrepreneurship Trends and Events 2021/001-12

Entrepreneurship Trends and Events is a window on the world and activities of entrepreneurs and businesses globally. I try to capture what is happening around the world as entrepreneurs and leaders strive to impact on the lives of people. I share relevant posts from various sources to give readers a bird’s eye view of theContinue reading “Entrepreneurship Trends and Events 2021/001-12”

Leader’s Wealth Enhancement Initiative

“This is an age of marvelous material development and astounding enterprise. Opportunity is everywhere about us. Everyone is looking for ideas. ” Sidney N Bremer The above is a true summary of our age. There is no argument, opportunity abounds about us, and our world is constantly experiencing marvelous material development. Yet a great segmentContinue reading “Leader’s Wealth Enhancement Initiative”