Entrepreneurship Trends and Events 2021/001-12

Entrepreneurship Trends and Events is a window on the world and activities of entrepreneurs and businesses globally. I try to capture what is happening around the world as entrepreneurs and leaders strive to impact on the lives of people. I share relevant posts from various sources to give readers a bird’s eye view of theContinue reading “Entrepreneurship Trends and Events 2021/001-12”

Leader’s Wealth Enhancement Initiative

“This is an age of marvelous material development and astounding enterprise. Opportunity is everywhere about us. Everyone is looking for ideas. ” Sidney N Bremer The above is a true summary of our age. There is no argument, opportunity abounds about us, and our world is constantly experiencing marvelous material development. Yet a great segmentContinue reading “Leader’s Wealth Enhancement Initiative”

Hello World!

Welcome to WordPress! Welcome to True Success and Wealth. This site is designed to mobilize and inspire entrepreneurs to scale their enterprise and turn out successful achievers. Entrepreneurs take risks and invest their time, resources, and skills to provide products and services  that give value to people. Entrepreneurs work hard to make the world aContinue reading “Hello World!”