Entrepreneurship Trends, Events and People Journal

Against the sad backdrop of the Russian/ Ukraine crises and the uncertainty of the ability of humanitarian organizations to deal with the refugees challenges, Entrepreneurship Development continue to unfold globally. Enterprises and Entrepreneurs continue to play out in facinating activities. Tesla rolled out her latest model of cars made in her plant in Germany. ClickContinue reading “Entrepreneurship Trends, Events and People Journal”

Life and Business: Trends in Technology and Trade

Are you passionate about watching trends in technology and trade? What is happening around you? How are people responding to events? Sports: Novak Djokovic, World’s Tennis #1 wins Court Battle James Webb Space Telescope https://www.facebook.com/165983873575547/posts/2028202654020317/ Create Your Website Training For aspiring entrepreneurs who don’t have a website or want to improve their current one: WEBSITEContinue reading “Life and Business: Trends in Technology and Trade”

Season of Joy and Celebration- Be Happy!

Entrepreneurship and Wealth: Your role for Greatness You are an entrepreneur. You want to develop strategies for victory in life and Business. Entrepreneurs take risks, they invest their resources, passion and talents to create wealth. Entrepreneurs contribute greatly to the economic growth of their nation and the world. Entrepreneurs check poverty, and promote industry, andContinue reading “Season of Joy and Celebration- Be Happy!”